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About Aarhus University’s Alumni Network

Aarhus University's Alumni Network is for all alumni from Aarhus University (AU), including alumni from educational institutions that have merged with AU. You become an alumnus when you graduate from Aarhus University, in other words when you hold a Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD, professional Master’s or diploma degree from the university.

The Alumni Network is also for current students, previous students, current employees and previous exchange students.

Our mission is to create life-long relationships with our alumni that create value for the alumni, students, staff, AU and society.

As a member of the Aarhus University Alumni Network, you will receive:

1. News and offers from AU 

You will get the latest news and offers direct to your inbox with exciting alumni portraits, research news and relevant offers for you as an alumnus.  

2. Invitations to events 

You will receive invitations to academic and social events, so that you can keep track of what is happening and develop relationships with others within your field or areas of interest.

3. Continuing and further education 

You will receive information about relevant opportunities for academic upgrades and competency development through different types of further and continuing education.

4. Access to life-long learning, inspiration, meaningful networking and career enhancement

You will become part of a large and exclusive network that currently boasts 40,000 members in Denmark and the rest of the world. And it’s completely free.

5. Opportunities to contribute

You will have the opportunity to contribute to recruitment, the development of study programmes, career guidance, mentoring programmes, research collaboration, entrepreneurship and fundraising.

Join the Aarhus University Alumni Network

How is the Aarhus University Alumni Network organised?

One overall network – a universe of knowledge and relations

The Aarhus University Alumni Network is one overall network that gives all its members the same basic package of offers and information.

The network also contains a variety of academic disciplines. The five faculties at Aarhus University all have different offers and ways to involve you as a member, and several degree programmes have set up their own subject-specific alumni groups or associations (mostly on LinkedIn) within the framework of the Alumni Network.

  • Arts has many subject-specific alumni groups and associations as well as opportunities for members to get involved at the faculty via the main network.
  • Aarhus BSS organises several alumni activities at faculty level, including news, events and other Aarhus BSS offers aimed at its alumni.
  • Health stays in touch with alumni through the Alumni Network and the faculty's LinkedIn page.
  • Natural Sciences has several academic departments with their own LinkedIn groups in addition to the overall network.
  • Technical Sciences, just like Natural Sciences, has several academic departments with their own LinkedIn groups in addition to the overall network.

Read more about how to sign up and get the most out of your membership.

Sign up for a universe of knowledge and relations

There are currently four portals to AU’s Alumni Network. It is important that you choose the appropriate portal for your study programme. 

It is important that you sign up via the relevant portal if your study programme is connected to Aarhus BSS, NAT or TECH. During the sign-up process, you can also select particular areas of interest connected to “your faculty”. This means that, as a member, you can tailor your participation to suit your interests.

Your basic membership status is the same regardless of which network portal you use to sign up.

Your membership profile will show which study programme(s) you completed at Aarhus University. Your study programme – as well as your current job – will help us select which information to send you.

If you have signed up via the general AU portal and your study programme is connected to Aarhus BSS, NAT or TECH, you can always select areas of interest for one or more of the three faculties by requesting a link to update your membership profile on the relevant alumni website.

You can also do this if you have signed up via a faculty’s portal but would like to hear about the activities taking place at more than one faculty.

Read more about updating your membership profile.

What is an alumnus?

An alumnus is a former student who has completed a study programme at the university.

At Aarhus University, we invite current and former students, current and former employees, PhD scholars and exchange students to join and benefit from our Alumni Network.


Most of the content on our alumni portal is available to all visitors, but if you want to gain all the benefits of the network you must activate your profile.

We look forward to welcoming you back to Aarhus University!

Membership is free, and if for some reason you don't want to be a member any more, all you have to do is let us know.