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Aarhus BSS

Alumni from Aarhus BSS get a variety of benefits. Aarhus BSS is a merger of the previous Faculty of Social Sciences, Aarhus School of Business and the Engineering College in Herning. 

As a member, you can receive exclusive event invitations, news and offers. View all benefits here. It doesn't cost a thing to become a member, but you are required to register and keep your information updated.


Arts is today one of the largest faculties in Northern Europe for research and teaching on cultural and social practices and contributes at the highest level of quality to education, research, talent development and knowledge exchange.

The faculty of Arts offers a wide variety of degree programmes at three different schools, Danish School of Education, School of Communication and Culture, and School of Culture and Society.


The faculty of Health engages in research at the highest international level  - from basic research to prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

The faculty comprises five departments as well as several research centres. It offers degree programmes in all areas of the health sciences, including medicine, dentistry, sports science and public health.


Alumni associations

Alumneforeningen Idræt

Science & Technology

The Science and Technology alumni network includes alumni from science educations - including food, agriculture and environmental science - and engineering.

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Receive invitations to professional and social events and networking opportunities

Receive news and offers exclusively for members of the alumni network

Become a part of an exclusive network of 30,000 alumni, students and employees

What is an alum?

Alum, noun, informal

Alumni, pl.

A graduate - or former student who has completed his or her education from Aarhus University.




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