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Aarhus BSS

Alumni from Aarhus BSS get a variety of benefits. Aarhus BSS is a merger of the previous Faculty of Social Sciences, Aarhus School of Business and the Engineering College in Herning. 

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Arts is today one of the largest faculties in Northern Europe for research and teaching on cultural and social practices and contributes at the highest level of quality to education, research, talent development and knowledge exchange.

The faculty of Arts offers a wide variety of degree programmes at three different schools, Danish School of Education, School of Communication and Culture, and School of Culture and Society.


At Health, we offer degree programmes across the entire field of health sciences, including medicine, odontology, sport, dental hygiene and public health. 

The faculty is home to five health science departments, where we conduct research at the highest international level – from basic research to prevention, diagnosis and treatment. And we work closely with Aarhus University Hospital and the hospitals in Central Denmark Region on clinical research and teaching.


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Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences includes alumni from biology, physics and astronomy, chemistry, geology, mathematics, computer science, molecular biology and nanoscience.

Technical Sciences

Technical Sciences includes alumni from engineering, bioscience, environmental science, animal science, agroecology and food science.