Use the alumni network as an employee

Knowledge about alumni and their employers, work tasks and their view of Aarhus University contributes to the development and growth of AU. Alumni also contribute to recruitment, education and research at AU.

As an employee at Aarhus University, you too can benefit from the alumni network! Over the years, Aarhus University has had very many students - Danish and international. This means that there are a lot of potential partners in many different companies and organizations who can provide insight into their business, specific industries, issues, etc.

If you need help finding and engaging alumni, please feel free to contact us. You can also become a member yourself. Former employees are also very welcome to join!


Examples of how you as an employee can benefit from the alumni network

  • Expand your network
    In addition to strengthening your own network you can also find alumni who want to be sparring partners, guest lecturers, participate in research projects and more.
  • Participate in events for alumni
    We give you the opportunity to participate in many inspiring events.
  • Contributions to research projects and teaching
    We're a research-based university which needs to work with companies and organizations to conduct research that can be used in our educations and benefit society. Have you considered involving alumni and their companies in your research and teaching?
  • Advisory boards
    Alumni with experience and knowledge from the labor market can help us develop our educations, research and set the strategic direction by participating in advisory boards.
  • Marketing towards alumni
    We can help with marketing related to AU and can also help you get in touch with a large group of alumni at the same time - for example to promote an event. Contact us to learn more!